Locomotive - PDA Espace culturel


Part of the mosaic screen installation in the foyer of Place des Arts, this is a representation of 'the human machine'. The context resembles an elaborate organic domino game. It begins with a musical impulse and is accompanied by an inexorable advancement of movement and light.

Footage had to be processed on-site through the 'Watchout' which distributes various video feeds to monitors in real-time and in a preconceived arrangement: we had to shoot according to where each screen was placed in the installation while the video creators planned corresponding movement-relationships. The final result played for 3 years and was a landmark creative installation in downtown Montreal.

Client: Place Des Arts (Samuel Rigaux)
Réalisation: Thibaut Duverneix
Conception: Thibaut Duverneix & Mathieu Léger
Producteur Exec: Sach Baylin Stern
Direction Photo: Christophe Collette
Maquillage: Anicko Bouchard
Direction artistique: Mathieu Léger
Montage - Post Production - Colorisation: Thibaut Duverneix
Composition de la musique: David Drury
Production de la musique: Christian Olsen & David Drury
Contrebasse: Sage Reynolds

Allison Blakley 
Victoria Diamond
Jérémy Fiset
Milan Gervais
Emily Gualtiery
Lael Stellick
Andrew Tay
Ashlea Watkin

Assistant Caméra: Mariane Laporte
Machiniste: Max Robert
Électricien: Christian Mouzard
Assistant de Production: Mathieu Lefrancois-Gauvreau
Stagiaire: Hans Bobanovits
Technicien Imagerie Numérique: Alexis Vanier
Intégration Watchout: Thibaut Duverneix & Philippe Larocque