The Besnard Lakes - Colour Yr Lights In>

A night in the life of a man who struggles to maintain his grip on reality - this music video features the music of talented Canadian indie rockers the Besnard Lakes. Filmed in Montreal and starring Martin Dubreuil.

Directors : The Sanchez Brothers
Producer : Alex Auray
Director of photography : John Londono
Ass. Camera : Kévin Gourvellec
Editor : Jesse Riviere
Coloriste : Charles Boileau

Actor : Martin Dubreuil
Girls: Tess, Kandle, Charlotte, Disa

Special Thanks
Shaun Bronstein
Post moderne
Alexandre Domingue
Julien Alix
Christophe Colette
Aisling Chin-Yee
Matthew Rankin
Dana Dal Bo
Martin Savoie